Cacao Craft, a part of the JHB Group, brings together over 30 years of experience in international agricultural commodity sourcing and trade, specialising in cocoa and spices. By utilising our knowledge and experience to source the highest standards of beans, we deliver the craft chocolate industry with a diverse global range of specialty cacao and cacao derivatives.

Through direct involvement and close relationships in various origins we’ve established a direct supply chain, catering to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. From specific sourcing to tailored post-harvesting, we give dedicated attention to quality and consistency.

By maintaining close ties with farmer communities in producing countries we support the sustainable production and fair commercialisation of cocoa. Cacao Craft is dedicated to continuing our involvement in various environmental and social schemes to promote good practices of cocoa cultivation, production and trade, across the supply chain.

We value our customers and their business, thus committed to building true, continuous partnerships, offering reliable service and consistent quality, time and time again.


Sourcing the Good Stuff:

With local contacts at origin, we have immediate access to a variety of cacao.
The proximity and direct contact at each origin, ensures we are aware in advance of changes in weather or crop that may directly affect beans supply or quality.

By providing farmers with the tools and knowledge, establishing standards of quality, monitoring and sampling each stage of the harvest, we ensure that our cacao beans meet the highest standards of quality.

Tailored Post-Harvest

From fermentation to roasting, Cacao Craft can tailor each step of the post-harvest to your needs. As Fermentation and roasting are known to be vital in the formation of the cocoa flavor profile, the process can be adapted to precise protocols, monitored to achieve the desirable notes of flavour.

Social Mission

In order to guarantee transparency and farmer prosperity we have developed exclusive programs for farmers’ training, collection, warehousing, production, finance and logistics, all through cooperation and partnership agreements with local partners in the producing countries.

Through our direct involvement in the producing countries, Cacao Craft can guarantee superior quality of all products, and an effective contact between farmer and consumer resulting in real ‘fair trade’.

Farmer Communities

To improve the livelihood of farmer communities and provide them with a stable long-term income.

Environmental Sustainability

Conserve natural resources and ecosystems and protect biodiversity in cacao producing countries.

Sustainable Production

Increase cultivation of fine flavor cacao and support fair commercialization of cacao.

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